Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mushrooms Galore!

Mushrooms are a perfect element of dietary health food, low in calories & fat while providing substantial vitamins, minerals & fiber. This fall season, we have special dishes featuring various gourmet mushrooms that are a must-try! Here's a sampling of our mushroom menu:

Mixed Mushroom & Noodle Pesto $8.95
Mixed mushrooms with pan-fried noodles in a creamy pesto sauce.

Three Cup King Trumpet $12.95
King Trumpet mushrooms stewed in rice wine, garlic, Chinese
basil and ginger in a hot pot.

Braised King Trumpet $12.95
King Trumpet mushroom sauteed in a brown sauce. Facts about the King Trumpet: Unlike the rest of the Oyster mushroom family, the King Trumpet has a tender and well-textured stem. Research shows that this mushroom lowers cholesterol and helps to prevent cancer.