Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Excited For Halloween!

We are! This special menu below is available from now till the end of the month.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Taiwan's Best Selling Beer

When it comes to beer in an Asian restaurant, you'll find all the usual suspects available, but if you're looking for the award winning Taiwan Beer, Seven Seas is one of the few places that serve it. Taiwan Beer is a light lager that brings a taste of Taiwan right to our shores. During the brewing process, ponlai, a type of rice that's native to Taiwan, is added to create a unique flavor that sets it apart from other pale lagers in its class. Taiwan Beer has been recognized at the Brewing Industry International Awards in 2002 and won the International Monde Selection in 1997. Come and check it out!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Food Art Skills -- Our Chefs Have It

We prepared a variety of dishes for a recent book launch party with food art. Here are the results.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Turn Your Favorite Appetizers Into Passed Hors d'oeuvres

A catered wedding event took us to Brookside Gardens over the Memorial Day weekend. One of the couple's requests was to have passed hors d'oeuvres, which included family dinner favorites like five-spices beef, spring rolls and spicy shrimp. Using disposable containers and bamboo picks, we designed the items and portions to be outdoor-friendly, all while maintaining our signature food presentation flair.
Five Spices Beef
Steamed Shao Mai
Shrimp In Peppercorn Oil
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Cold Garlic Eggplant

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kung Pao Tofu Recipe

This one's provided by our very own Master Chef Fei. Once you've got all the ingredients, it's really simple to prepare! Takes about 40 minutes max. Vegetarian dish. Enjoy with rice.


For stir-frying:
Two pieces firm tofu, cubed
1/4 cup peanuts
1/4 cup dried red chilies
1 tablespoon chili paste (or as desired)
2-3 crushed or sliced garlic cloves
2-3 scallions, chopped

For sauce:
1/2 cup oyster sauce
1/2 cup soy sauce (use low sodium if preferred)
1 teaspoon sha cha sauce
1 teaspoon chopped garlic
1 teaspoon minced ginger
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon white pepper


-Whisk together ingredients for sauce in a bowl and set aside.
-In wok, on high heat, add oil and lightly fry tofu for about 3 minutes, constantly tossing. Set aside.
-Add other stir-fry ingredients. Cook for about 2 minutes.
-Add tofu back into the wok.
-Add sauce over stir-fry. You may not use all. 
-Toss to coat ingredients in sauce.
-Allow sauce to reduce to desired consistency.

Enjoy with rice!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Win A Lobster Dinner For Mom

Remember how mom used to make your favorite dishes for dinner when you were growing up? What were they? Whether it's homemade dumplings, an Asian stir-fry, Italian meatballs or beef casserole, we want to know what it is! To celebrate Mother's Day (May 12,) we're giving away two lobster dinners to the two best entries, so read on for more details:

To enter, tell us about one favorite dish of yours that is your mom's (grandma's, aunt's or whoever you look to as your mother figure) unique recipe and why you love it! Describe it in no more than 65 words (not characters.) Although not required, we'd love to see a picture of the dish, and/or the beautiful lady who made it! One entry per household please.

When you're ready to submit, you can do it two ways. Post your pic and/or your favorite dish (cooked by mom) on your Facebook wall, and don't forget to tag us (Type @SevenSeasChineseRestaurant in your status and we should pop up.) OR email us your entry: contact@sevenseasrestaurant.com.

We'll announce the winners on Mother's Day, so please post or email us your entry by May 10. Happy celebrating! Have you decided what you're doing for Mom yet?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Benefits Of Tofu And Delicious Ways To Enjoy Them

April is National Soyfoods Month and we're pleased about that! Tofu features prominently in many of our menu items, like mapo tofu, shredded pork in hot sauce and black mushroom in tofu roll. It's a healthy substitute for meat and has been touted for decades as a source of nutrients, including protein, amino acids, calcium and fiber. Soy also contains phytochemicals that are beneficial to our health. The main difference between tofu and meat protein is that you have to eat more tofu to meet the recommended dietary protein levels.

In the charts below, you can compare the nutritional values between tofu and chicken.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Bar: Upgraded

If you've visited us recently, you may have noticed that we made some changes. Sushi is now in the back, to make way for a proper bar! Some of our staff worked into the wee hours of the night to complete the revamp in two weeks. Kudo guys, and thanks for your hard work! Now you can grab a drink while you wait for your party to arrive, or when getting some dinner to go. So give our springtime cocktails a whirl!

First up is the Tropical Blue Saketini - pineapple juice, Blue Curacao and Gekkeikan sake.

Next is the Lychee Saketini - lychee juice, Gekkeikan sake, grenadine syrup and served with two plump and juicy lychees. Each drink is $7. We're planning a more detailed happy hour menu, so stay tuned for more. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mongolian Pork Wrapped Lettuce

Here's a recipe we found that's shareworthy. It takes a few hours to prepare but easy enough to follow, and the flavors are perfect for any upcoming springtime dinner parties you might be hosting. Try it out!

A spicy-sweet ginger and citrus marinade is at the base of this Asian-style hand-pulled pork. It’s stir-fried with Xaoshing wine—similar to dry sherry—and piled onto crisp butter lettuce leaves with hoisin sauce on the side. Serve plated at the table or rolled up and ready to grab-and-go. Serves 24. Read on for the recipe!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Website & Online Ordering Is Temporarily Down

UPDATE: Fixed and we're back in business!


Rockville Seven Seas' website and online ordering is temporarily down until 8pm today as the mail/fax server company is providing emergency maintenance work. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience. 

Call us: 301.770.5020.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We Love Pork

Try our special pork dishes, available till the end of the month:

Mai Dong Baby Back Ribs. Stewed ribs served with tender greens and a side of steamed rice. $16.95.
Salty Crispy Ribs. Batter-fried baby back ribs seasoned with salt, pepper, onions and a sprinkle of habanero. $14.95.

Yum. Enjoy.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekend Specials

The weekends are always a holiday to us! And a good time to try out some specials at Seven Seas. Drop by soon!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lunar New Year Party At The Governor's Mansion

Maryland Governor Martin O' Malley hosted the annual Lunar New Year Party at his residence in Annapolis on February 20, 2013. This is our sixth year catering the event!

Photo by Jay Baker/Executive Office of the Governor
Photo by Jay Baker/Executive Office of the Governor
Photo by Jay Baker/Executive Office of the Governor
Photo by Jay Baker/Executive Office of the Governor
Photo by Jay Baker/Executive Office of the Governor
Photo by Jay Baker/Executive Office of the Governor

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year 2013!

Happy Year of the Snake!

Snakes: Have good temper and a skill at communicating but say little. Possess gracious morality and great wisdom. Usually do not have to worry about money. Have tremendous sympathy for others and would like to take actions to help their fellow human beings. Determined to accomplish their goals and hate to fail. Although they look calm on the surface, they are intense and passionate. They have a rich source of inspiration and understand themselves well.

You are a Snake if your birth date falls:


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekly Specials

Happy New Year! Here are our specials for the week: