Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seven Seas' Wedding Catering at the Baltimore Aquarium

Congratulations to Jenny & Mo on their nuptials last Saturday at the Baltimore Aquarium. Seven Seas had the pleasure of providing a family-style dinner for the reception.

A rose bouquet crafted from parsley and thinly shaved carrots.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dish of the Month - Crispy Shrimp Dumplings

Hand-made by chefs on a biweekly basis, this is one of our popular appetizer dishes. Our catering clients love serving these fried shrimp dumplings at their parties. An easy crowd-pleaser and perfect anytime.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day Prix Fixe Menu

Father's Day is here! Make use of our special prix fixe, 5-course menu for just $18.95.

$18.95/per person

茶:選一: Choice of One Tea

菊花茶 Chrysanthemum Tea
桂花烏龍茶 Sweet Osmanthus Oolong Tea

湯選一: Choice of One Soup

餛飩湯 Shrimp Wonton Soup
酸辣湯 Chicken Hot & Sour Soup
雞茸玉米湯 Chicken & Corn Soup
香菇肉羹湯 Rou-Geng* & Mushroom Soup
*肉粳(Rou-Geng) Chicken Strip Coated with Shrimp Paste

頭抬選二: Choice of Two Appetizers

上海春捲 Spring Roll
涼拌哲皮 Marinated Jelly Fish
紹興醉鷄 Shaoxing Wine Chicken
台南蝦捲 Tainan Crispy Shrimp Roll
蘇州燻魚 Shanghai Style Smoked Fish
蒸餃/鍋貼 Pan Fried or Steamed Dumpling

主菜選二: Choice of Two Entrees

辣子鷄丁 **Chili Chicken
海珍蟹餅 Broiled Crab Cake
芒果酥牛 Crispy Mango Beef
放羊吃草 *Lamb with Cilantro
秋葵小炒 ** Squid, Pork and Okra
松子魚捲 Crispy Pine Nut Fish Fillet
笑鳥鮮蝦 Laughing Bird Shrimp with Cashew
黑椒小牛犢 Veal & Mushroom in Black Pepper Sauce

甜點: Dessert

幸運餅 Fortune Cookie
香蕉春捲Banana Spring Roll with Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Green Tea and Red Bean)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

$9 Sake Sampling At Seven Seas

Sake Sampler Set $9

Try our manager's weekly picks of one warm, one chilled and one unfiltered, quality Sake.

Our selection of sakes include: Gekkeikan, three types of Sho Chiku Bai, Momokawa Pearl, and Yaegaki Nigori. Try them out!