Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Taste Of Home For The Chinese Taipei Little League Team

On Thursday, Seven Seas sent a van packed with hot containers of delicious Taiwan-style food up to Williamsport, PA. That's just our little way of supporting the Chinese Taipei Little League team, who flew from their hometown of Taoyuan, Taiwan, to compete. We started doing this four years ago when some of the team supporters (including Seven Seas owners Edward and Corinna) noticed that the kids seemed homesick for Taiwanese food. That's when it was decided that Seven Seas would deliver hot meals on days that the teams played a game, whether they won or lost. It's fun and a real pleasure to do this every year. Especially for a group of such well-behaved kids who thanked us in unison (more than once) and helped with the cleanup. For more pictures, check out Facebook.