Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Exotic Sea Catch In Our Tanks

Have a seafood feast at Seven Seas! Fresh red snapper, Chilean sea bass, Jonah crab and croaker fish are currently in the house.

Now to introduce a couple of our more exotic catches...

Jonah Crab
Found on the Atlantic coast of North America, the Jonah crab is known for its' strong claws. These well-muscled claws are prized over its' legs for food. The Jonah crab is closely related to the Dungeness crab, so its' white, flaky meat has a similar sweetness.

Croaker Fish
These fish are so named because of the repetitive throbbing or drumming sounds they make. Typically found in temperate and tropical waters, they live primarily in estuaries, bays, and muddy river banks. Croakers contain delicate, lean white meat with a sweet flavor that ranges from mild to moderately pronounced.

The croaker, red snapper and sea bass will go perfectly with some of our signature cooking styles: steamed with ginger & scallions, broiled in a miso sauce, braised in garlic sauce and steamed with hot sauce.

Supplies are limited, so do come and join us for a meal soon!