Friday, May 21, 2010

What is Laughing Bird Shrimp?

We are delighted to discover this truly enticing Laughing Bird Carribean White Shrimp and want to share it with you.

Laughing Bird shrimp is produced in a family-owned farm in coastal Belize, which we like, because Seven Seas is also family-owned.

The difference in taste compared to other farm-raised shrimp is obvious, due to the way Laughing Bird shrimp is farmed and handled.

No preservatives, antibiotics or hormones are used, and the shrimp are fed a nearly 100% vegetarian diet. When shipped, they are chilled but never frozen.

An added benefit to Laughing Bird shrimp is the farm uses methods that minimizes impact on the environment. Thus, nearby mangroves and coastlines remain untouched by this operation.

Our staff sat down for a taste test and the decision was unanimous. Stir-fried in a light, Cantonese style scallion-garlic-chicken broth sauce, the delicious and clean flavor of this sweet, fleshy shrimp really stood out to everyone. The vibrant color of the shrimp makes for attractive presentation too.

Outstanding, quality shrimp that is responsibly produced. Exactly the kind of ingredients that we try to incorporate into our dishes at Seven Seas.