Friday, January 27, 2012

Taiwanese-style Sizzling Platter

There is an irresistible charm about eating hot food served out of a street cart. Although we can't replicate the experience of an outdoor Asian night market, we can introduce one dish from Taiwanese night markets - food on a sizzling platter, or "teppan" in Chinese.

The same type of "teppan" dish in the video below is very popular among night market-goers in Taiwan. It has steak, noodles and a half-cooked egg that the diner scrambled up before the hot plate cooled down.

Now you can find sizzling plate dishes at Seven Seas! To add a little variety to the dish's texture, we decided to throw in some vegetables too.

 Our chefs prepare two "teppan" dishes

Food sits in the hot plates as sauce is poured over

Sizzling platters meals are ready to be served.

Try four different meals - black pepper beef, chicken with mushroom sauce, cod fish with mushroom sauce and black pepper pork chop.