Saturday, August 21, 2010

Recipes for Beef and Broccoli

Seven Seas Beef and Broccoli lunch special

If you're looking for an easy dinner recipe, beef and broccoli is the one. It's hearty, tasty and doesn't take much time at all. Perhaps you already have a recipe that you follow for this dish! But there's one thing that should be pointed out about many recipes online - many of them instruct you to coat the beef in a starchy sauce and deep fry. Why obscure the taste of fresh, quality cuts? Our chef suggests that you skip this step altogether.

This recipe doesn't use the deep-fry method. If you'd like for the beef to be a little more flavorful, marinate it with pepper, soy sauce and a little rice wine before cooking.

And then there's this video that shows you the ultra-shortcut way of making this dish. Video's a bit grainy, but still useful.