Thursday, September 8, 2011

NYC Restaurants Paving the Way for Time-Limit Rules on Diners?

On the MSN online column Bites Today, the columnist posed this question:  

"What's more annoying at a restaurant, waiting desperately for a table as diners take their sweet time finishing up, or missing out on your last bite as hurried waiters yank away your plate?"

Apparently NYC diners prefer the latter. Time limits on dining is making headway in NYC restaurants, even in the most upscale ones. The New York Post reports:

"Table time limits — whether openly acknowledged or gingerly hinted at — are becoming de rigueur for popular eateries packed with voracious eaters vying for seats. But what’s shocking foodies all over town is that 60 percent of diners now support such time limits during peak hours, according to a nationwide poll by Zagat."

What do you think of time limits on dining? Will this trend be likely to take hold in D.C.?