Friday, June 29, 2012

Farewell Party for the Singapore Ambassador

Seven Seas recently had the pleasure of being involved in planning and catering a farewell party for the Singapore ambassador to the United States. The party was held on Thursday at the home of a former US ambassador to Nepal, where fifty distinguished guests attended.

The food we served included dim sum, sushi, five elements salad, satay and our specialty, Maryland crab fried rice. Chefs were on-site to cook dim sum, grill the satay and make sushi for the guests. In order to create a tropical, summery atmosphere, we designed a few delightful fruits and vegetable displays around the food stations. In the poolside area, floating pool decorations were added, and bright red Asian lanterns decked the perimeters of the house. The weather helped to complete our staging by being ragingly hot and humid that day! Guests were also treated to live jazz and violin performances.

Take a look at the highlights! You can also view more pictures of the party by clicking here.

Southeast Asian tropical fruit: guavas, mangoes, dragonfruit, lychees and papayas
The buffet table
Five Elements Salad

Maryland Fried Rice
Dim Sum station with summer vegetables display
Pan-frying the meat dumplings
(Left) Shumai with pork and shrimp filling. (Right) Steamed veggie dumplings
Guava and passion fruit punch
Poolside decorations
Floating candles and flowers display by designer Cesar Gomez
Poolside sushi bar
Chef Mario making fresh rolls for guests

Singapore ambassador making her speech
Classical violin duo
The host is pleased with the successful party.