Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Blog and Cobia Fish

It's a pleasure to introduce the personal blog of Corinna Shen, co-owner of Seven Seas Restaurant. In her blog, "Wok with Corinna," Corinna talks about Seven Seas news and introduces the latest dishes that she and her husband, Edward are working on. As founder of the Washingtonian Gourmet Association, a new social-foodie group, she will also discuss topics covered in meetings and provide a forum for people to ask questions and share ideas.

Here is one of her recent posts about cobia fish:

"The first time I ever tried "Cobia" fish (海鱺魚) was in 1994 at the International Boston Seafood Show. A native Taiwan seafood company was distributing sashimi Cobia pieces.
Edward (my husband) and I both were surprised at the taste and quality of the fish. I still remember the sweet taste of Cobia fish then.

Not until March this year Seven Seas started to carry live Cobia fish from Virginia Cobia Farms. I was surprised again because the Cobia in Seven Seas tank was 40 pounds smaller than the frozen Cobia fish in Boston. The version of the steamed live Cobia was amazingly delicious with its firm texture and excellent flavor. I was convinced that I want to promote the awareness of this Cobia fish.

Read the rest of her post on her blog.